Furukawa Hall

Furukawa Hall, w hich now serves both as the Nagoya University Museum and the Center for Chronological Research, was originally built in 1964 with the aid of a donation from Mr. Tamesaburo Furukawa and Mrs. Shima Furukawa. The Hall was affectionately known as 'Furukawa Library.

Later, as part of the drive to found a university museum, the Furukawa Museum(1982), Dating and Materials Research Center(1990) and Nagoya University Museum(2000) were subsequently established, with this building providing the operational base for each of these endeavours.

In 1988, approximately twenty-five years after its construction, Furukawa Hall was renovated through a further donation by Mr. Furukawa. This benevolence has contributed much to the development of education and research at Nagoya University.