Our museum collections are composed of materials donated from inside and outside of our university.We also keep registered specimens that were used for scientific research and education of many different fields. For example: Rocks and minerals from Africa; Fossils (radiolarians); Extant animals (skeletons of particular breeds of horses and chickens); Extant plants (Prof. Takaki's bryophytes); Historical documents and folklore goods (Daidoji Family documents, Chinese woodcuts, Ex Libris); Machines and devices; Gravity data maps; Films and photos related to university activities; and Miscellaneous (wax models for medical education).

Image database of African rock collections

Basic data of zircon U-Pb dating from the Sør Rondane Mountains, Antarctica

The Nagoya University Museum owns 135 rock specimens from the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica, some of which have been dated using U-Pb methods for zircon. The basic data, such as Pb/U isotopic ratios, used for the dating are available here.

Radiolarian fossil file as a computer-aided image database

Yoshizaki Makoto's marine algae collection

NAGOYA Repository

Dr. Suzuhei Honjo's medical apparatus and other materials

Dr. Koichi Moori's collection of medical literature featuring Prof. C. W. Hufeland (1762-1836)

Serial histological sections of human fetal specimens 1[PDF]
Serial histological sections of human fetal specimens 2[PDF]

NAGOYA Repository

Catalogue of Gen'ichiro Narasaka's collection

NAGOYA Repository

Gen'ichiro Narasaka's Chugyo-Zufu, re-edited by Nagoya University Museum

Skeleton of the Kiso horse

Daidoji Family documents: Tokugawa Yoshimune's reply to the New Year's greetings

Stereoscope from a commercial-product collection of Nagoya Koto Shogyo Gakkou