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Nagoya University Museum Off-site Exhibition What is Kiso Horse?

The Nagoya University Museum features a permanent exhibition of the skeletal specimen of the purebred Kiso Horse, Dai-san Haruyama.

Dai-san Haruyama, having left a legacy of 700 descendants, significantly contributed to the preservation of the Kiso Horse breed.
Even after his passing, Dai-san Haruyama's taxidermy and skeletal specimens continue to convey the unique characteristics of the Kiso Horse, providing insight into the connection between the Kiso Horses and humans.

This exhibition centers around Dai-san Haruyama, exploring the 'body' of the Kiso Horse and delving into the 'history' of the horses. Together, we contemplate the 'present and future' of the Kiso Horse.

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2024/04/22(Mon) - 2024/05/12(Sun)
*The center will be closed on Thursday, April 25th.
9:00 - 22:00
Kiso Town Cultual Exchange Center - Nakasendo Komichi and Gallery
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Sponsored by
Nagoya University Museum
Co-sponsored by
Kiso Town
Supported by
the Kiso Town Board of Education
Nagoya University Museum Office
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8601, Japan
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