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Our vision

The purpose of the NUM is to promote access to specimens and their data for further research and education in the university, to develop new methodologies for analysis and preservation of specimens, and to promote public understanding through displaying research results, on-going experiments and details of investigations. Main missions include research, education, exhibition, foundation of new research field, collection of sample, international exchange, and information presentation.

Interactions between our museum and the community
Nature Watch
Microscopic World
Field Seminars: Making knives from river stones
Field Seminars: Finding minerals
Autumn Field School
Pubddc Lectures

Our mission

Significant activities covered by NUM as a public window onto Nagoya University are: Exhibitions to show scientific results from both completed work and on-going research at the university; activities for students and the public such as "Nature Watch" and "Field Seminar" on seashores and forests, "Microscopic World", "Campus Birdwatching", etc.; the "Campus Museum" concept which aims to provide "a space for relaxation and meditation"across the whole of the Higashiyama campus; and International Scientific Exchanges among university- and other museums, for example through our series of International Forums.

Opening of the Mongol Field Research Center
Opening of the Mongol Field Research Center

Field work in Mongol
Field work in Mongol