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Message from the Director

The most important role of Nagoya University Museum (NUM) is to create a broad interface between the university and the public, based on excellent scholarship. Since its establishment in April 2000, NUM has carried out this function in various ways. There are annual Special Exhibitions and we mount Special Displays two or three times per year. We also organize Special Lectures, "NUMCo" concerts of various genres held within the exhibition galleries for relaxation or "muse therapy", and field and laboratory studies for the younger generation. The NUM Botanical Garden is open to the public as a keystone of our "campus museum" concept. Behind the scenes, NUM has continued to enhance its wide range of collections, the basic function of museums, with many specimens being donated from both inside and outside our university.

During the last decade, the NUM building has undergone anti-earthquake reconstruction and the gallery has been redeveloped. These developments have been accompanied by the provision of a new elevator and "museum saloon", a room with artistic and scientific displays in which members of the public can relax. The reconstruction, however, does not address the NUM's acute shortage of space and lack of a suitable environment for display and storage, and therefore it is necessary for us to continue our efforts to provide a comfortable infrastructure.

We all welcome you to NUM to take part in our activities and also hope for your continuing support of our activities.

April 2010
Hidekazu YOSHIDA, Director, Nagoya University Museum